Insurance MCQ Daily-12

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Q-1- Under Marine insurance Risk and Damage cover of

  1. Ship
  2. Cargo
  3. Any other subject of Marine adventure
  4. All of these

Option-4 Marine Insurance Policies covers Risk and Damage of Ship and the Subject matter insured. Seperate policies require to cover the Insurable Interest under the policies.

Q-2- Marine insurance is for one year or for a specific __________

  1. Loss
  2. Year
  3. Voyage
  4. None

Option-3 Marine policies are time specific or voyage specific policies.

Q-3- The benefit of life Insurance

  1. Encourage investments
  2. Credit worthiness
  3. Tax benefit
  4. All of these

Option-4 All above are the benefits of Life Insurance.

Q-4- The right of an insurer to refuse admittance of the claim by the insured is known as_________

  1. Replication
  2. Repudiation
  3. Dufalication
  4. None

Option-2Insurer refusal on any claim of Insurer is known as Repudiation.

Q-5- The expanded form of FPR is

  1. First Police Record
  2. First Policy Receipt
  3. First Premium Receipt
  4. Fourth Premium Receipt

Option-3 FPR refers to First Premium Receipt

Q-6- Voluntary termination of the contract by the policy holders is called

  1. Report
  2. Surrender
  3. Prospectus
  4. Cover note

Option-2 Surrender

Q-7- If the insured dies before the expiry of the term of the policy, is known as

  1. surrender
  2. fore closure
  3. Death claim
  4. Death Policy

Option-3 Insured death before policy expiry of term is known as Death Claim.

Q-8- Insurance concerned with overseas trade is__________

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Non-life insurance
  3. Marine insurance
  4. Fire insurance

Option-3 Marine Insurance

Q-9- A Marine insurance is a contract of ___________

  1. Maturity
  2. Indemnity
  3. Increment
  4. None

Option-2 A Marine is a contract of Indemnity.

Q-10- Which is not under the subject matter of marine insurance

  1. Fire insurance
  2. Hull insurance
  3. Cargo insurance
  4. Freight insurance

Option-1 Fire Insurance is not under the subject matter of Insurance.

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