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Q-1- DIC Insurance means?

  1. Difference In Clauses
  2. Difference In Conditions
  3. Double Insurance Clauses
  4. Double Insurance Coverage

Option 2 DIC insurance refers to Difference in conditions Insurance

Q-2- DIC Policies are bought primarily by firms with having a significant expoure of ________ and earthquake.

  1. Fire
  2. Flood
  3. Marine
  4. Aviation

Option-3 Firms having significant exposure of flood and arthquake exposure, are bought DIC policies.

Q-3- The expanded form of NFIP is

  1. National Fire Insurance Program
  2. National Flood Insurance Program
  3. National Fire Implementation Program
  4. National Food Implementation Program

Option-2 NFIP refers to National Flood Insurance Program.

Q-4- DIC policy use to write cover __________ the basic cover.

  1. below
  2. at par
  3. in excess
  4. none of above

Option-3 DIC policy use to write cover in excess the basic cover.

Q-5- DIC policy also cover other exposure like assets in transit or business Interruption. Is it TRUE or FALSE?

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Can’t say

Option-1 Given statement is TRUE.

Q-6- In 2002, the CIA first used a Predator Drone to kill enemy combatant in_________

  1. Rome
  2. China
  3. Taliban
  4. Afghanistan

Option-4 In 2002, the CIA first used a Predator Drone to kill enemy combatant in Afghanistan.

Q-7- Fixed wing aircrafts can hover in one spot. Is this statement is TRUE or FALSE

  1. True
  2. False
  3. True, but only for short duration
  4. Can’t say

Option-2 FALSE.Fixed wing aircrafts can not hover in one spot.That’s the reason they can’t use for any general aerial photography work.

Q-8- DIC policy bought by Project owner of contractor is called as

  1. Project DIC policy
  2. Builder Risk DIC policy
  3. Contractor’s DIC policy
  4. Construction DIC policy

Option-2 DIC policy bought by Project owner of contractor is called as Builder Risk DIC policy.

Q-9- In most states DIC insurance is a ________ class of inland Marine insurance.

  1. filed
  2. non filed
  3. umbrella
  4. Class action

Option-2 DIC insurance is a non-filed class of marine insurance, which makes it more competitive in terms of rates settling and drafting policy language.

Q-10- DIC policies ordinarily do not contain a _________ provision.

  1. Copay
  2. Coinsurance
  3. excess clause
  4. Agreed bank clause

Option-2 DIC policies usually do not contain a coinsurance provision

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