Insurance Questions Daily-47

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Q-1- As per the Insurance Act 1938, the policies for a period of more than 12 months for which premium can be collected in installments are defined as ______________

  1. Long term policies
  2. Life insurance policies
  3. General Insurance policies
  4. All of the above

Option-1 Long term policies.

Q-2- Which is the largest insurance market in the world?

  1. U.K
  2. U.SA
  3. China
  4. European Union


Q-3- If an agent is servicing only one principal, he may have exclusive rights and may be called as

  1. Service agent
  2. Free-lancer agent
  3. Sole-selling agent
  4. Principal-selling agent

Option-3 Sole-selling agent

Q-4- Which of the following is NOT a dimension of 7 P’s of service marketing mix?

  1. Price
  2. Product
  3. Process
  4. People
  5. Performance

Option-5 Performance

Q-5- In Insurance history, the practice of individual underwriting started in London by the _________

  1. LIoyd’s
  2. U.K. Chamber of Assurance
  3. Chartered Insurance Institute,U.K.
  4. Association of English & Scottish Fire Offices

Option-1 LIoyd’s

Q-6- In which place the American Insurance Group(AIG) was founded ?

  1. Canada
  2. America
  3. Shanghai
  4. British Columbia

Option-3 American Insurance Group(AIG) was founded in Shanghai on 19th December 1919 by ‘Cornelius Vander Starr’. At present AIG’s headquarter is in New York,United States.

Q-7- Which among the following denote the function of IRDAI?

  1. Insurance regulator
  2. Licensing Authority
  3. Training and Exams
  4. Both 1 and 3
  5. Both 1 and 2

Option-1 The function of IRDAI as a Insurance regulatory body and as an Licensing authority.

Q-8- Who among the following is not an Intermediary?

  1. TPA
  2. Agent
  3. Broker
  4. Underwriter

Option-4 An Underwriter is not a intermediary in Insurance process.

Q-9- In the Insurance service business who can be considered as an intermediaries?

  1. Agents
  2. Insurer
  3. Brokers
  4. Both 1 and 2
  5. Both 1 and 3

Option-5 Agents and Brokers can be considered as an intermediaries.

Q-10- Why the principle of marketing does not apply to services?

  1. Due to flexibility
  2. Due to availability
  3. Due to separability
  4. Due to intangibility

Option-4 Intangibility is one of the characteristics of all services. For this reason, principle of marketing cannot be applied to services in the same manner as applicable to goods.

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