Super 30 GK Questions on Drone Insurance

Super 30 GK questions on Drone Insurance will be very helpful to all students and industry professionals. Before starting let’s discuss the origin of Drone Insurance with some details.

Traces of Drone had been found in 1849 in Italy. It was the time when Venice was fighting for its independence from Austria. during this war, Austrian soldiers attacked Venice with hot-air, hydrogen or helium-filled balloons equipped with bombs.

The first pilotless radio-controlled aircraft were used in World War-I. The first generally used drone appeared in 1935 as a full-size retooling of the de Havilland DH82B ‘Queen Bee’ biplane, which was fitted with a radio and servo-operated control in the back seat.

In 2002, the CIA first used a Predator drone to kill an enemy combatant in Afghanistan.

In India, the first commercially was used in 2014. When the Mumbai based ‘Pizzeria‘ started to use pizza delivery to its customers. This was banned immediately not having the licence for drone operation.

Asteria Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., Bangaluru was the first company to use the Beyond visual line of Space. After this in 2020, the Indian Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDAI) set up 09 member working group under the chairmanship of Mr Anjan Dey, G.M., The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. to understand and recommend Remotely Piloted aircraft system(RPAS)/drone owners and operators.

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The below super 30 GK questions on Drone Insurance will definitely prove a stepping stone to all students and young aspirants of the Insurance industry.

Q-1- IRDA set up a panel for Drone Insurance, how many members in this panel were

  1. 7
  2. 8
  3. 9
  4. 10

Option-3 IRDA set up nine member working group to look at the insurance needs of drones.

Q-2- Drone panel suggested for mandatory __________ insurance in India.

  1. First party
  2. Third party
  3. First/Third party
  4. Cyber

Option-2 Drone panel suggested to buy third-party liability insurance in India.

Q-3-In June 2020, HDFC Ergo had launched a third-party liability claims cover in partnership with __________

  1. DJI
  2. TropoGo
  3. UAV Coach
  4. Aerialtronics

Option-2 HDFC Ergo launched in partnership with TropoGO.

Q-4- In January 2020, Tata AIG General insurance partnered with __________ to design and developed insurance products for Drone industry.

  1. Delair
  2. DroneLife
  3. Drone Business Center
  4. Drone Federation of India

Option-4 Tata AIG partnered with Drone Federation of India for design and developed insurance products.

Q-5- Drone regulation comes under the purview of

  1. Ministry of Tourism
  2. Ministry of Home Affairs
  3. Ministry of Civil Aviation
  4. None of above

Option-3 Drone regulation is by DGCA under Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Q-6- IRDAI formulated 09 member working group(WG) headed by

  1. Anjan Dey
  2. Arthi Mathur
  3. S Vishwanathan
  4. Mukesh Kewalramani

Option-1 09 member working group headed by Mr. Anjan Dey, GM, The New India Assurance.

Q-7- Which is false for flying drone in India

  1. Drones cannot be flown more than 400 feet vertically
  2. Drone pilots must maintain a direct visual line of sight at all times while flying
  3. A permit is required for all commercial drones operations incl. Nano and Micro nano category
  4. All drones except those in Nano category must be registered and issued a unique identification number(UIN)

Option-3 A permit is NOT required for all commercial drones operations incl. Nano and Micro nano category

Q-8- Small category of drones are

  1. less than or equal to 250 gms.
  2. from 250 gms. to 2 kg.
  3. from 2 kg. to 25 kg.
  4. from 25 kg. to 150 kg.

Option-3 Small category of drones are from 2 kg. to 25 kg.

Q-9- What is No Permision, No takeoff (NPNT)?

  1. It’s a mobile app for seeking flying permission from DGCA
  2. It’s the standard forms for seeking flying permission from DGCA
  3. It’s website for buy new Drones by Civil Aviation
  4. None of the above

Option-1 No Permision, No takeoff (NPNT) is a mobile app for seeking flying permission from DGCA.

Q-10-  First company in India, to receive drone Insurance beyond visual line of sight(BVLOS)

  1. ShopX
  2. Dunzo
  3. Spicejet
  4. Asteria Aerospace

Option-4 Asteria Aerospace, is the first company to receive Drone Insurance beyond visual line of sight(BVLOS)

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