Weekly Insurance Digest-August 22,2021

The Weekly Insurance Digest having Insurance General Knowledge questions from the weekly updates.

Basically, this is the compendium of Insurance GK questions from the week’s major happenings in the Insurance sector.

InsuranceGK weekly current affairs quiz is having the latest GK quiz questions about insurance.

It is a compendium of all Insurance latest updates, launched and industry developments across all branches of Insurance. It aims to test the learning of InsuranceGK visitors with Industry updates in one place.

This weekly Insurance quiz will definitely help all Insurance examination aspirants and Insurance professionals to update their current Insurance knowledge or affairs.

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Q-1- ‘eShield Next Life’ insurance plan launched by

  1. SBI Life Insurance
  2. Tata Life Insurance
  3. Max Life Insurance
  4. HDFC Life Insurance

Option-1 SBI Life launched plan SBI Life eShield Next insurance plan.

Q-2- ‘eShield Next Life’ insurance plan linked with

  1. Debt market
  2. Stock market
  3. Infrastructure industry
  4. none of above

Option-4 SBI Life launched plan SBI Life eShield Next is not linked with any of above, actually it is non linked plan.

Q-3- Under ‘SBI Life eShield Next’ plan option can be change 

  1. after 12 months
  2. after 24 months
  3. after 36 months
  4. It can not change

Option-4 Once selected plan option cannot be changed during the policy term.

Q-4- The ‘Levelling’ in this plan refers to

  1. increase Sum Insured after certain period
  2. level sum insured as per age increases
  3. increase sum insured as per level-up milestone like marriage, become father etc.
  4. None of these

Option-3 The policy works by ‘levelling up’ the required insurance protection, through an increase in sum assured linked to the significant ‘level-up milestones in one’s life, like getting married, becoming a parent or buying a new house.

Q-5- How many plan options in ‘SBI Life eNext Plan’?

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Five

Option-2 SBI Life eShield Next, with its three plan options, offers a distinctive customization feature that caters to the evolving needs of the consumer.

Q-6- Maximum life cover under ‘SBI Life eNext Plan’ is

  1. 85 years
  2. 100 years
  3. both above
  4. none of above

Option-3 The option of life cover up to 100 years (whole life) or 85 years (other than whole life) is also available.

Q-7- Which Insurance company recently launched ‘Critical illness and disability secure rider‘ under its Life plans?

  1. Max Life Insurance
  2. TATA AIA Life Insurance
  3. Life Insurance Corporation
  4. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance

Option-1 Max Life Insurance launched a critical illness and disability secure rider and strengthened its current riders.

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